King Richard’s Faire

King Richard’s Faire

We recently went to King Richard’s Faire on the last day of their season and it was definitely an experience. We got passes, so no one paid the $27 it normally would be but if this stuff was your thing I can see why you would pay that. People that go, can also dress in costumes from the middle ages or whatever magical fantasy world that isn’t futuristic.

To get food you need to buy tickets which you exchange for food or drinks. It’s a pretty good business model since there are vendors everywhere and you never end up using all the tickets.

There is plenty of show to keep your family entertained like jousting, live acts and the lion show. Here’s some advice when you want to see something make sure you get there early because there won’t be any seats, especially at the lion show. The lion show is pretty entertaining because you see tigers, chimps, and a LIGER.

All and all it’s a pretty good time but if fantasy isn’t your thing or if your too cool, save yourself the trip.

The costumes of the people that went along with the people that worked there were pretty good, you also rent a costume while you were there also.

Yep, that 900lbs liger is licking his lips while looking at me, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was sweating a little.

Photo Gallery:

Thanks to:

Photoequal for taking the pictures

Minh and Jenna for getting tickets


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