Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Time Square

Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Time Square NYC is odditorium of a collection of weird. I recently went to New York city on a day trip Ripley’s. It’s located next to Madam Tussauds on 42nd St(which is also a great choice too!).  So, I went on and searched for attractions in NY that I haven’t been to yet and there are definitely plenty, but for a day, you can’t overbook your schedule or you’ll just exhaust yourself.

(Above: Working all wood car)

All the other attractions in NY would usually cost an arm and leg, but I figured that this was definitely a great bang for my buck!  When you first walk in there is  BumbleBee from the Transformers right in the front, in which you’ll be waiting forever and a day because everyone and their momma is trying to take pics. Ripley’s is two levels of the strange and the unbelievable, walk through the place and you’ll be seeing the tallest man to ever live to shrunken heads.  Another side note, there’s a black hole bridge thingy that you’ll go through close to the end of you crazy ass journey, be warned that some dumbasses will keep walking back and forth on it cos for some fucking reason they can’t figure out that the bridge is tilting!

(Above: a person was kept in that cage)

(Above: Picture of Obama made with gum with gumball)

(Above: Some of Elvis’s hair)

(Above: my sister’s head in a jar)

(Above: inside a criminal’s head)

(Above: a face mold of Napoleon before he died)

(Above: stuffed but once alive two headed sheep)

(Above: the original Batman)

(Above: picture made from stamps)

(Above: scene made from coral)

(Above: Boat made of Jade)

(Above: Ivory elephant)

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