HTC One Black edition: Review

This is a review of my HTC One black edition which I have had for about 2 weeks now and as usual I am going to review this based on the features that I picked it for. The excellent low light performance camera, the Beats audio speakers and IR remote features. You can read someone else’s review if you want to decide between this or the Galaxy s4. Here is what comes with it:

htc one-4

htc one-1

The Camera

The factory camera app is a standard Android camera app with some useful effects that I might not use all the time but they are really thought out and I do like the live preview of the filters and effects. For regular people this is all you would every need and not lying here it is all I could ask for in a camera phone. Posting processing can also be done through the camera app which mimics all the Instagram filters. The burst shooting that the camera does is really nice and the camera does not pause to preview images which I really like because it does ruin your flow, also the control menu is nicely laid out. Okay onto the low light performance of the camera, it is much better than I expected but outside in well lite conditions it is not as good as the Iphone 5 or Samsung GS4. This is not to say the camera is crap in bright conditions it just means from a camera snob’s perspective, zoomed in and pixel peeping it is only as good but not better than the other 2. Where it destroys the other 2 is indoors or snapping pictures with only street lights, it clearly wins and the video capture benefits as well. I am able to capture video where I would normally need my DSLR, the quality is more grainy but when it comes to getting the shot or not, get the shot.

htc one-2

htc one-3

Here are some sample shots:

htc one drink

htc one zeus

htc one watch

htc one pano2

htc one pano1


The Beats Audio and Speakers

Okay wow, if you read that these speakers are the loudest crystal clear speakers on any mobile device then you are not hearing a lie. If you turn on the Beats audio it will lower the overall db’s but the quality and and bass goes up. Even with the Beats turned on the speakers I think are louder than the Iphone 5 and GS4(I did not do any scientific testing) and it enhances any audio going through it .

htc one-7


IR Remote

The remote feature should have been a standard feature in phones years ago, it is so useful. The app is a little clumsy at first but once you get everything setup it all works like you thought the future would by working and working well. Even if you have a off brand equipment the phone can learn the IR signal and you can configure the button layout to your liking.

htc one-6

htc one-5

These 3 killer features is why I bought this phone and would easily recommend it to anyone look for a similar feature set.

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