Meeting: Chef Robert Irvine


Some of you guys might know him from his Food Network shows, Mission Impossible, Restaurant Impossible, etc Chef Robert Irvine! I had the chance to meet him and hang out with him a little bit, courtesy of Sysco Boston. He had flown in to talk to some executives and Sysco invited a couple of restaurant owners to come meet and just talk about the business. I lucky got invited and would like to say THANK YOU! lol.

He had just had a right hip surgery procedure done I believe and was limping all over the place with and without crutches. I remember him saying the doctors told him to should take a 6-8 weeks off to do rehab (but he definitely didn’t listen FYI I never seen any of his shows but I have heard of them and know of the guy from people talking so I thought it was pretty cool to actually meet him in person. I do like to say he is down to earth and pretty god damn funny.


Chef Irvine is a great public speaker even though it was only a handful of people present. He had one of the Sysco managers and good friend yelling and throwing their hands in the air for shits and giggles. During his speech an attendee that came in late, he stopped talking and wouldn’t do anything until the person did 20 pushups. I thought it was fucking hilarious!


Surprisingly, people tend to ask him about his wardrobe. He said that he had 10 pairs of the same jeans, 7 pairs of shoes, 75 black t shirts, and 60 blue t shirts. Chef Irvine briefly talked about how to successfully operate a restaurant and that even though a person has been doing it for 20 years, it doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. He took pictures with the people and some of the staff that was there and also brought books to sign for us. All in all, it was a great experience and that he is a pretty down to earth guy who doesn’t mind sharing his thought and knowledge with people. He’s not afraid to hurt peoples feelings either by saying that shit probably!

Some photos that were taken,

6 (3)

photo 2


photo 5

Pimpin’ with the General


photo 3

The above photo was actually first then the headlock was put in



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