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Cars and Copters 2013: Part 2

This is part 2 of our coverage of Cars and Copters 2013:

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Cars and Copters 2013: Part 1

Cars and Copters is an annual car meet/show in support of the Jimmy Fund, held at the Plymouth Airport in Massachusetts. This was our fourth time going but first time I went without Minh and little Jayden. This year it seemed bigger and it was nice that a good portion of the cars were on […]

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PAX East 2013: Part 2

Like I promised this is our cos-play and other stuff coverage, by other stuff I mean statues. I really liked this chicks expression. These guys had a really good idea. Minh bought this sword, no joke every step we took someone commented about it and/or asked about it.

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PAX East 2013: Part 1

This is our part 1 for the coverage we did at PAX East, it going to cover the new hardware that was show and Minh and I being stupid. The cosplay and other stuff will be up on Friday. The way we are going to cover the hardware is by my impression of it as […]

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My One Year Anniversary

My wife and I were married in August of 2011 and celebrated it this year by going to Bar Louie at the Patriot place in Foxboro, MA. We went with some friends and part of our wedding party, not all the wedding party due to school, work, kids, and it was a Monday night, I […]

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My First Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

I’ve lived in MA pretty much my whole life and never been to Martha’s Vineyard even though so many people in the area go daily. The family and I were invited to go on a day trip with our cousins Canh, his wife Tess, and their daughter Emmy. Living in the New Bedford area we […]

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