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PAX East: preview

Our posts have been boring lately and I am not afraid to say it, but I know this will be the start to changing all of that. We are not going to cover all three days but this still will be really good. Hopefully my careful Asian planning will fit in everything I want to […]

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DIY Rope Chainsaw

After the Blizzard Nemo hit New England, we were left with many broken tress and branches hanging everywhere so I needed a light and easy solution to clear away this unnecessary crap.  I came across rope chainsaws which like its name suggests is a chainsaw blade and some rope. Because it looks that simply there […]

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Northeast International Auto Show: 2013

We recently went to the Rhode Island Convention Center to the Northeast International Auto Show, it was a nice location but the show was smaller than I expected. All the cars were pretty much the current line up for the manufactures, meaning nothing we have not seen before. It was alright if you want to […]

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Silver and Light by Ian Ruhter

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter : Alchemist on Vimeo. Skiing and snowboarding photographer turned wet-plate artist Ian Ruhter dropped everything to follow his passion, transforming his blue bread truck into a massive camera (I think also the worlds largest mobile camera) and making enormous wet plate prints as he travels the country. He and […]

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Ghost Pepper Chicken Challenge

  (Update 11/22/13: We no longer are affiliated with Barrett’s but leaving this post up.) Barrett’s Alehouse will be having their very own ghost pepper chicken challenge. The sauce is made from fresh ghost peppers tossed with 10 fried chicken tenders. Try the challenge on any day and at any time during normal kitchen hours. […]

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Ipad Mini Dash Kit for Lexus IS250: Preview

Here is a rendering I made of an Ipad mini installed into an IS250.This is the preview to kind a convince Mihn to let me do this to his car but also let people know what some of our plans are for 2013. The picture above is going to differ from the final product because […]

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This Guy Makes Bears from Logs

Don’t know if this is a real profession but this guy makes ornamental bears at Edaville USA(a Christmas themed park).  When we went to go see the lights at the park, I noticed people walking out with these wooden bears. The bears were pretty big so it was easy to notice them so when we […]

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Canon Lens Cup: Overview

This is not a review but an overview like the title says, if it was a review it would just go I like it and buy it.  I received this cool ass mug for Christmas and I mostly enjoy it for its look. My photo gear is Nikon and don’t really care that it is […]

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Happy New Year

Good to see everyone that survived the Mayan apocalypse.  At Don’t Give A Eff we are going to continue the way we do things and improve on what we have done so far. We want to grow the community and enhance your experience viewing the site. What to Expect in 2013  Better step by step […]

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What the!?

I thought I would share this picture I took with my phone. It is a 240sx with a Akina Speed Stars sticker, if you like Initial D then you find humor in this but if you hate or have never seen the show then this picture is lost to you. Please do not encourage this […]

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