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240sx Fix up: Bumper Braces

Many people when they see my 240 say “That’s a nice car, you’re lucky”, lucky!? Most of the time I grin and say ‘thanks’ but what it all comes down to is a lot of hard work and up keep. These 240 fix up post will show that a car isn’t built only once and […]

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DIY Rope Chainsaw in use

This is an update to the original post DIY Rope Chainsaw, when taking a look at the blogs stats the rope chainsaw post almost always has a more than a few views a day (like more than 10 views per day). So, making the rope chainsaw and the post did not just help me but […]

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Duct Tape Wrapping a Welding Helmet

It was a rainy day so instead of wasting time on the internet, I decided to give my welding helmet a face lift.  In case you are wondering this is the Harbor Freight auto-darkening helmet with the blue flame stickers removed. This took maybe an hour to finish but if I add in taking pictures […]

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Cars and Copters 2013: Part 2

This is part 2 of our coverage of Cars and Copters 2013:

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Cars and Copters 2013: Part 1

Cars and Copters is an annual car meet/show in support of the Jimmy Fund, held at the Plymouth Airport in Massachusetts. This was our fourth time going but first time I went without Minh and little Jayden. This year it seemed bigger and it was nice that a good portion of the cars were on […]

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Import Evolution: Torque Meet

This is the set of pictures that I took when I went to Import Evolution’s meet held at UTI once again on 8/24/13. This time I noticed a much stronger presence by UTI than the last meet that was held there. They had more booth space and more of their own people walking around. If […]

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Canh’s S2k

This is Canh’s AP1 S2000 with AP2 front and a few other mods, I just wanted to post a photo from the quick photo session I took last weekend. I feel it came out pretty cool.

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PAX East 2013: Part 2

Like I promised this is our cos-play and other stuff coverage, by other stuff I mean statues. I really liked this chicks expression. These guys had a really good idea. Minh bought this sword, no joke every step we took someone commented about it and/or asked about it.

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PAX East 2013: Part 1

This is our part 1 for the coverage we did at PAX East, it going to cover the new hardware that was show and Minh and I being stupid. The cosplay and other stuff will be up on Friday. The way we are going to cover the hardware is by my impression of it as […]

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PAX East: preview

Our posts have been boring lately and I am not afraid to say it, but I know this will be the start to changing all of that. We are not going to cover all three days but this still will be really good. Hopefully my careful Asian planning will fit in everything I want to […]

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