Blizzard Nemo/2013

Hey everyone, better late than never or never late is better! I had to clean a lot of debris around the house and there’s still a lot because we were still getting strong gusts of winds. A lot of people lost power for 2-3 days and I was no exception we lost power from Friday 7pm to Monday 6/7pm. From the power loss our basement flooded because there was no electricity getting to the sump pump and of course on top of everything else we had to leave our house to bring our son to a warm place. Our patio gazebo if that’s what you would call it, collapsed(it survived to hurricanes so I didn’t think about it) I wont go to crazy with details but I had a rough time with the no electricity to the point that I will be buying a generator and a battery back up sump pump. Here are some photos I snapped during the storm, there was a few during the early evening, in the middle of the night and the next day.

photo 9 photo 4

photo 5 photo 6


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DIY Rope Chainsaw

After the Blizzard Nemo hit New England, we were left with many broken tress and branches hanging everywhere so I needed a light and easy solution to clear away this unnecessary crap.  I came across rope chainsaws which like its name suggests is a chainsaw blade and some rope. Because it looks that simply there are no real good instructions on how to make one. Why use this weird looking, hacked together piece of junk because it’s safer than being on a ladder with a saw and cuts way faster than any hand saw. The branch (4-5 inches thick) in the picture took no lie 30 seconds to cut down.

rope chainsaw-2

rope chainsaw-8

Okay here’s how to make one and save you the frustration on working out the problems.

(11/22/13 Update: There is video of it working Click this!!!)

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Blizzard of 13


Blizzard of 13 is what i’ll be calling the storm and not So far the general population waited last minute to go get supplies and gas from the what i can see at the grocery stores and gas stations. Gas prices hiked up a bit which is expected when a storm comes, easy marginal profits.

Information from the news channels that has been reported, the restaurant decided to close all day and have saturday on standby to ensure saftey of the staff. Schools either closed all day or closed early, same with some local buisnesses. I hope that everyone stays safe out there that is getting snow and dont leave the house unless you have too.

I will attempt to snap pictures as the storm gets here, as well as me trying to build snow mounds for my son to snow board on.

heres a few pics at 12:30 pm

photo 2

photo 1

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Northeast International Auto Show: 2013

We recently went to the Rhode Island Convention Center to the Northeast International Auto Show, it was a nice location but the show was smaller than I expected. All the cars were pretty much the current line up for the manufactures, meaning nothing we have not seen before. It was alright if you want to kill some time or mess around with some new cars.

Okay, car gallery time:

RI intern'l car show-7 RI intern'l car show-3 RI intern'l car show-1 RI intern'l car show-13

More Pictures

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“Paperman” Full Animated Short Film

We are totally use to CG and hand drawn animation but this is the first time that they are seamlessly blended together in a way that looks natural. Anyway,  just wanted to share the video have a great weekend!

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Silver and Light by Ian Ruhter

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter : Alchemist on Vimeo.

Skiing and snowboarding photographer turned wet-plate artist Ian Ruhter dropped everything to follow his passion, transforming his blue bread truck into a massive camera (I think also the worlds largest mobile camera) and making enormous wet plate prints as he travels the country. He and his team hand make the silver emulsion, a 150 year old process that costs him a whopping $500 per plate, in the video “Silver & Light” gives an in-depth  and honest look at Ruhter’s process, his trials and tribulations, and what drives him to pursue this unusual form of image-making. Ruhter’s images are stunning, one of a kind pieces that seem to come from another era, and in his own words, “I didn’t just build a camera, I created a time machine.

I have been following his work but more important this project, since last summer. The videos he has put out so far inspire me and fuel my creative fire. Another quote that me really hard but I could not find a way to put it in the description is ” If you had been searching your whole life for some thing you love and you found it what would you be willing to sacrifice


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Ghost Pepper Chicken Challenge



(Update 11/22/13: We no longer are affiliated with Barrett’s but leaving this post up.)

Barrett’s Alehouse will be having their very own ghost pepper chicken challenge. The sauce is made from fresh ghost peppers tossed with 10 fried chicken tenders. Try the challenge on any day and at any time during normal kitchen hours. Eat all 10 chicken tenders (tossed in our extremely hot ghost pepper sauce) in 10 minutes and you’ll receive:  Custom “I Survived…” T-shirt, $10 gift card for your next visit along with your picture on our wall and website.  Ask for complete rules when you go in and all challengers must sign a waiver!  Good luck!

The ghost pepper sauce is homemade that use all fresh ingredients and is extremely spicy. I love spicy food and let me tell you that once the sauce was able to sit and fament for a few weeks so it be came incredibly spicy. I was able to take down 5 tenders before I gave up and when the sauce sat I tried it again only to barely finish one. My rough estimate is that 2/3 out of 10 people will be able to finish the challenge. Got what it takes? Give it a whirl, I really do need people who like spicy food to come and try it and so that I can scale the intensity better.

The drawing above was hand crafted by our general manager Tracy Gaucher who has awesome art skills.

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Ipad Mini Dash Kit for Lexus IS250: Preview

radio1 copy

Here is a rendering I made of an Ipad mini installed into an IS250.This is the preview to kind a convince Mihn to let me do this to his car but also let people know what some of our plans are for 2013. The picture above is going to differ from the final product because the perspective of the Ipad is wrong but it will baller status when it is done. Below is the picture of what it looks like from the factory(cluttered and ugly). The problem is no one has done this before, I will give you time to check(go now), why? When you install an aftermarket radio into this car the HVAC and other controls stop working. My promise, is that the steering wheel controls and temperature controls will work, also 2 channel Bluetooth will connect a phone and the Ipad mini.

radio before

radio1 after

The Plan

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Bowling at Wonderbowl


I’m sure everyone has bowled before, it’s a great past time too. Recently, I started bowling again and wonderbowl is our local bowling alley of choice. It is a really nice facility, the staff is friendly and the pro shop is awesome. They also have a bar for the 21+. Some quick basic info on them:

Bowling Lane Availability

  • Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
  • Monday – Thursday Night: 9:30pm – 12am
  • Friday Night: 9:30pm – 1am
  • Saturday: 5pm – 1am
  • Sunday: all day & night

Hourly Bowling Rates

(per lane. Up to 6 people per lane.)

  • Mon – Thurs: 9am – close                           $14.00/hour
  • Friday: 9am – 5pm                                     $14.00/hour
  • Friday & Saturday Night: 5pm – close          $20.00/hour
  • Friday & Saturday Night Special:                $34.00 (2 hours)

Sunday Special Hourly Rates

  • 9am – noon:       $10.00/hour
  • Noon – 3pm:       $12.00/hour
  • 3pm – close:       $14.00/hour

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This Guy Makes Bears from Logs

Don’t know if this is a real profession but this guy makes ornamental bears at Edaville USA(a Christmas themed park).  When we went to go see the lights at the park, I noticed people walking out with these wooden bears. The bears were pretty big so it was easy to notice them so when we went to go watch this guy make them then I saw the price tag, $200. I thought and said “these bears are nice but not $200 nice”. What the hell do I know there were at least 3-4 people walking out with these bears.

bear maker-4

Later on, thinking about it, it is a good hustle because we saw the guy start from a log to a finished bear in 2 hours (we obviously walked around in between that time). $100 per hour, is really awesome for doing something you do well and probably really like doing. Do you think when this burly dude is asked what do you do for a lively he says “I make cute wooden bears!”?

bear maker-1

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