Boston Strong Car Meet: Presented by Import Evolution

The Boston Strong car meet was presented by Import Evolution to raise money for the people who were injured in the Boston Marathon. It was held at UTI (Universal Technical Institute) at their parking lot. We kinda went on the spur of the moment so I did not get all the information.

So on to the gallery:

boston strong meet-7

boston strong meet-6

boston strong meet-23

See more cars

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HTC One Black edition: Review

This is a review of my HTC One black edition which I have had for about 2 weeks now and as usual I am going to review this based on the features that I picked it for. The excellent low light performance camera, the Beats audio speakers and IR remote features. You can read someone else’s review if you want to decide between this or the Galaxy s4. Here is what comes with it:

htc one-4

htc one-1

On the the camera and other stuff

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Meeting: Chef Robert Irvine


Some of you guys might know him from his Food Network shows, Mission Impossible, Restaurant Impossible, etc Chef Robert Irvine! I had the chance to meet him and hang out with him a little bit, courtesy of Sysco Boston. He had flown in to talk to some executives and Sysco invited a couple of restaurant owners to come meet and just talk about the business. I lucky got invited and would like to say THANK YOU! lol.

He had just had a right hip surgery procedure done I believe and was limping all over the place with and without crutches. I remember him saying the doctors told him to should take a 6-8 weeks off to do rehab (but he definitely didn’t listen FYI I never seen any of his shows but I have heard of them and know of the guy from people talking so I thought it was pretty cool to actually meet him in person. I do like to say he is down to earth and pretty god damn funny.

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BlackRapid Metro strap: Review


This is my review of the BlackRapid Metro, after using it for about 2 weeks. The Metro is a well made, well thought out camera sling that is made for the mirrorless camera market but can be used for DSLR’s seeing that it uses the same hardware with less shoulder padding than its older brothers and sisters.


I highly recommend this for a person that regularly does not use straps and hates using them but needs one on occasion. I am that kind of person so I was looking for a cheap solution on amazon and found many dirt cheap sling that looked similar to all the BlackRapid RS-7, RS-4 and RS-Sport. After reading all the good and bad reviews about all the camera slings I had a headache, I knew I did not want anything that screamed “Watch out I’m PRO”, so both the cheap junk and most of the RS line was not a option.

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Canh’s S2k

Canh's s2k-1

This is Canh’s AP1 S2000 with AP2 front and a few other mods, I just wanted to post a photo from the quick photo session I took last weekend.

I feel it came out pretty cool.

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240sx: Spring fix up

Since the weather is getting nicer, I have been really thinking about fixing all of the patch work that I did to the headlight harness over the years. I never told anyone about how many patches and re-wires I did to the 240 and it does electrically work fine but that is not good enough for me, so I decided to change that. Those of you who own S14’s with headlight switch problems were driver side works but passenger side lows and highs come on intermittently know my pain. It is time to do something about it.

240 fix up-1

I took a part the headlight switch and cleaned up the contacts but it really was not all that corroded. If you want to see a post about that I can make one just mention it in the comments or something. With the front end mostly removed I just cut out all the re-wire junk and a set of relay to bypass the headlight switch, they will be reused for something else.

240 fix up-2

If you can not tell or do not know me, I have an S15 conversion.

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PAX East 2013: Part 2

Like I promised this is our cos-play and other stuff coverage, by other stuff I mean statues.

I really liked this chicks expression.

Pax East 2013-18

These guys had a really good idea.

Pax East 2013-36

Minh bought this sword, no joke every step we took someone commented about it and/or asked about it.

Pax East 2013-24

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PAX East 2013: Part 1

This is our part 1 for the coverage we did at PAX East, it going to cover the new hardware that was show and Minh and I being stupid. The cosplay and other stuff will be up on Friday. The way we are going to cover the hardware is by my impression of it as I experienced it, not copy and paste specs down.

pax tickets-1

First thing I want to say is I am going to give you all a tip, parking is a nightmare. If you are coming from southern Mass, I suggest as soon as you get out of the tunnel and the convention center is on your right go straight to the parking lot that has $15 parking and walk the 100ft to the front door. We waited in traffic for 40 mins to save $3 for convention center parking, not worth being pissed off.

On to the madness that was PAX.

Pax East 2013-17 Pax East 2013-16 Pax East 2013-15

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PAX East: preview

pax tickets-1

Our posts have been boring lately and I am not afraid to say it, but I know this will be the start to changing all of that. We are not going to cover all three days but this still will be really good. Hopefully my careful Asian planning will fit in everything I want to see and cover in this one day. Also we were told we will have hands on with the PlayStation 4. Stay tuned!

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Don’t be This Guy

The car season is going to start soon, so I would like to make a PSA on stuff not to do when you are at a car show/meet. We all should know not to rev your engine like it is a lowest IQ horn or do burn outs to get the nickname ‘smoke’. The video below is a re-post from the guys over, all of us have been doing this car stuff for so long why do things like this have to happen?


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