About us


Q: Why make this blog?

  • A: To share our interests like photography, food, cars and watches but we didn’t want to limit it to just that so there will be posts of things that seem random in nature.

Q: What do you mean by lifestyle?

  • A : We are living our day to day lives and the content we are sharing is nothing outside of what we normally would be doing.

Q: How often is the blog updated?

  • A: Every Wednesday and Friday.
  • Whenever we have something to say, we are not burned out from the blog at all, Minh and I (Adam) are life beat up by a completely different series of events. (11/22/2013)

Q: What is coming up?

  • A: Comic-con, Anime cons, cos-play, model released outtake shots and single girl opinion.

Q: What is up the name?

  • A: Here is something about us. We don’t give a eff.



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