Step by Step How To: Cucumber Wasabi Tuna

Step by step with pictures from my iphone 4s on how to make a cucumber wasabi tuna dish. If you like sushi or just tuna, you’ll have to try it. It’s awesome, from what i hear from customers all the time.

List of things you need:

6-8 oz Yellow fin or Blue fin Tuna Steak

Cajun seasoning

Fresh cucumber (washed)

A pinch of mesculine mix or Arcadian

Pair of tongs

Vegetable Oil


Cucumber wasabi sauce (you could puree some cucumbers and mix it in with wasabi if you couldnt find any)

Any plate you want, we’ve recently changed our line up at the restaurant and have nice black plates to use.


I’ll try to by as thorough as possible with the directions

grab plate

use the mesculine or arcadian mix and center it on the plate

Put ramekin on top of the mix

you can put it any way you like depending on how you plate the rest of the ingredients (in the end i just made it pointing up towards the center)

time to slice the cucumber (you can peel it or leave skin on) cut the cucumbers on a long angle. making sure to leave the cucumbers the way you cut them without removing any slices,. you made a mistake just keep going. throw away the end cuts.

shuffle the cucumbers together

with the help of your other hand, fan out the cucumbers

and plate it on your plate that your using

Add the cucumber wasabi sauce to the ramekin

Cooking of the tuna time

Put the pan on the stove full flame with the vegetable oil

while the pan is heating up, take the tuna and coat it with the cajun seasoning. when the pan is litely smoking, carefully place the tuna in the pan, unless you want to be the star in the next zombie movie.

Use your tongs to carefully flip the tuna

i only cooked it for about a minute on each side but if you wanted to cook it more then rare lower the flame and let it sit on each side a little longer. use the tongs to bring the tuna to the cutting board

When cutting the tuna make sure the lines (grains) of the tuna is going from left to right, it helps with cutting the tuna easier (same with any meat)

Flip the first cut and continue down the tuna steak

Fan the tuna out

Move to your plate and BAM! all done. Hope you Enjoy!

Give me some feedback or something if you tried it



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