Initial D Returns!

Initial D 5th stage: Episode 1 Review

After 5 years of waiting Initial D has returned, go and check it out if you haven’t seen it because I will be talking about things that happened in this episode. Also, how the episodes will be airing is there will 2 episodes per month.

At the end of Intial D Fourth Stage, Takumi beats Dr. Toshiya “ God Hand” Joushima, of the Purple Shadow, thanks to sheer luck. The fact God Hand was able to control his car using only one hand consumes Takumi’s thoughts. So much so that Takumi finds himself trying to learn this technique. While practicing the driving technique, Takumi knows he is not ready to use it in a race because it requires 100% confidence of the driver and he feels it is impossible to react to unforeseen conditions on the road.

In the first episode of Fifth Stage it revolves around a couple of imposter drivers who claim to be the Aces of Project D, Takumi Fujiwara and Keisuke Takahashi.

Early in the episode, Takumi and Itsuki come across the imposters, but Takumi does not want to cause any trouble and does not call out the individuals on falsely using his name and the name of his team. But hard-headed Itsuki, on the other hand, cannot stand to see these two phonies use the fame of Project D in order to get close to the ladies.

The next day, a young girl pays a visit to the gas station where Itsuki and the gang work. She is looking for the famous Takumi Fujiwara. Not looking to get his autograph or anything along those lines, the girl instead slaps Takumi because he allegedly hit on her innocent friend and left her broken hearted.

After this instance Takumi is so shaken he goes into action with the rest of the Project D team (which has also heard about the imposters and was about to action anyway) to clear up the matter. I will leave it up to you to see what happens.

Watching Initial D 5th stage, I am glad that the animation style has not changed too much just some hair styles and slightly cleaner quality. But would it hurt to do HD video quality.

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