Asian Cucumber Scallops

1/2 Cucumber (depends how thick you like them

2 pounds of scallops

1 cup of Saratoga Asian sweet chili sauce

sautee pan

4 teaspoon of vegtable oil

tongs or chop sticks(lol)

bare with me as the pics were taken with my iphone

Asian Cucumber Scallops is the name i gave this dish, very self explanatory. I used fresh sea scallops and fresh cucumbers. It was an awesome appetizer dish but i never really put it into production. I made it pretty much on the run and made myself a quick asian cucumber scallop dish

You can skin the cucumber or leave it on. If you leave the skin on, please make sure you wash the cucumbers, slice it down to thin slices or however you like them. Depending on what plate you have line them up in a zig zag or straight line or howver you like.

Pan on stove, add the vegetable oil, turn flame on high, when the pan gets hot carefully put the scallops in the pan, and seared them to perfection on each side using the tongs or chop sticks.

Once done place the scallops over the cucumbers, use a teaspoon and spoon the asian sweet chilii sauce over scallops and cucumbers

I had 2 oz souffle cups, acts as a rice mold so i stuffed rice into them and flip them onto the plate, carefully put the cucumbers and scallops on top of the rice, spoon the Asian sweet chili sauce over them and viola!

(i didnt think to take a picture until i ate half of it, the way i ate it was scallop, then cucumber, then rice. it was awesome)


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