How to: Vinyl wrap

Vinyl Wrap a Lexus Key Fob

It’s about 3 am and I can’t sleep so I figured I’d do a how to with vinyl. I’m sure I didn’t include enough steps but I’ll try to keep this as clear as possible. Also read the whole post first.

Items needed:

  1. hair dryer
  2. a paper-mate pen x 2
  3. scissors
  4. exacto knife
  5. 3m white carbon vinyl wrap

The Lexus key fob

Step 1

Take the key out.

There’s a little spot in the middle where you poke your key in.

turn it (little force)

It pops open (also this is how you change your battery , lexus charges $15 but you can go buy a battery and change it your forself for 5/6 bucks)

disassembly and clean the key case

Step 2

Measure up shell

Cut in half and mark it.

using the scissors i trimmed it up

Step 3

Peel the backing off the vinyl and lay the sticky side up and put the shell on top of it.

Flip it where the vinyl is facing you. Turn on the hair dryer and apply heat to the edges. pull the vinyl back until it straightens out. Start from corner to side until completed all around.

Don’t worry about bubbles.

Apply heat directly to the face of the shell and you fingers to press down on the openings creating a indent. Use the exacto to puncture a holes in them. I went with the 2 holes then the buttons. After puncturing the hole, heat the face up and use the papermate pen to push in the vinyl slowly, do it to both holes

Step 4

After the holes, heat it up the face again but try not to get the holes (I left the pen in the holes to keep it in place. Where the buttons go, press down hard then use the exact to puncture a hole, after that press down hard again and use the exacto knife to cut the shape so that you stretch them back. If your not quick enough just use the dryer to heat the vinyl back up.

All said and done, this is what it’s suppose to look like.

with the back side of the key shell, I peeled it off and did the same thing. Flipped it and used the dryer to heat up the vinyl to stretch it back. Going from corner to side to corner until its completed all the way around.

How it should look like.

Heat up the face and use the back end of the pen and press in the vinyl around the lexus sign, puncture the right side and left side with the exacto to release the air. Use the dryer again to heat the vinyl and press back the vinyl with the pen and use the pen cap to fine outline the L emblem.

After both sides are done make sure all the edges and corners are stretched back tighly and if it’s not use the dryer to heat up the vinyl again and stretch it back.

Step 5

Cut off the excess vinyl with the exacto knife and assemble the key back together.

If I end up redoing my enclosures I’ll try to get someone to record me with a camera so that theres a visual to it.

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