South Shore Speed / Dynotech meet 8/5/12

We went to the Dynotech meet hosted South Shore Speed in Seekonk, MA. South Shore Speed is a website and community that is based in the New Bedford and Dartmouth area that welcomes all car enthusiast alike. Dynotech is a local car shop that fabricates and sells parts, along with an AWD Mustang dyno they have quickly earned the respect of many people in the car community.

After arrived, I went to say hi to everyone at South Shore Speed then do my usual walk around just to feel out the crowd and to greet anyone that I may have missed. Walking around the event it was a less tense and more inviting atmosphere than I was use to, usually meets in our area have this tense, up-tight, stink of lack of confidence in what you drive in the air. It was refreshing to be not in that environment.

It was cool that they setup a dyno spectators area.

Anyway here’s a gallery of what you came here to see the gallery of cars at the event.

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