New York Comic Con 2012 coverage

New York Comic Con 2012

This is our coverage of New York Comic Con 2012 and I would have to say it was a blast. For the nerd inside me it was everything I expected and more, for the photographer it was endless amount of opportunities to capture something that satisfies any mash up of your favorite characters. The cos-play was really good as you would expect and can see from the gallery below.

I had the 3 day pass and it was worth it and by Sunday everyone seem to hit their stride. On Saturday it seem like madness no one moved and the crowds were suffocating until the later on in day were it became more of a carnival of pop culture. It wasn’t until 5:30pm on Saturday when people were starting to clear out and the mood lighten and everything became what it was supposed to be about, having fun with our love for comics and everything related. It wasn’t about buying collectables only to sell it later on E-bay or getting all the free swag possible to justify your trip.

Photo Gallery

Here’s the photo gallery from our coverage and if you like the pictures please share and leave a comment.

Photos taken by Adam Leung

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