Food Friday: Mystic Pizza

Recently, when I was up in Connecticut, we decided to go to Mystic Pizza, you know that movie with Julia Roberts!  Actually, I never really even seen the movie, even though it’s always on tv. I never really paid it any mind and didn’t even bother to wikipedia it before we even went.  It’s an easy place to find and it pops right up on Google places when go to restaurants anyway.  The only gripe was that the parking totally blew because all the other tourist had the same idea as us , but that’s to be expected.  The outside is not fancy at all, it has that mom and pop feel to it and when you go in it’s all pictures that involves the movie. Of course, the movie is playing when you are waiting and playing in the dining area also , so there’s your brush up.  If I was an employee, I would probably claw out my eyes, but I would stop myself because this place definitely is gonna get me some tips!  The wait was not as long as I thought, at around 20 minutes, I would say and the staff is pleasant.  As you are waiting you can look at the menu and I was surprised that their pricing are super reasonable, like your regular hometown pizza joint reasonable, maybe even lower!

Played it safe and got my fave, pepperoni pizza and chilli cheese fries!  Can’t come here and not put their pizza to the test! Now, it’s not the best pizza that I’ve ever eaten, but it’s good. It’s a thicker crust and just enough sauce and cheese, like I said, good but not mind blowing omg you gotta eat this before you die (Same withe the chilli cheese fries)! If you are ever in their neck of the wood, stop by and pay them a visit.  When there is good food and friendly staff, I’m sitting my ass down.  I also had to bring home a doggie bag and nuked the pizza  for breakfast, twas da shiz.

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