How To: Red Wine Reduction Steak

Hey guys, this is my first attempt at a “how to” do a red wine reduction with a grilled steak, so bare with me as I try to recall my steps and the ingredients. I honestly the way I cook and come up with dishes is so I can rarely forget what actually went into, please carefully read the instructions and ingredients before attempting. I’ll keep it as simple as possible.

(Before we go further this post was written by Minh, I only took the pictures)



2 cups red wine (I had burgundy, any type of red wine is okay, depending on the wine it might come out a little sweeter)

2 steaks (flat irons in the picture but any USDA choice steak is good)

1 cup roasted red pepper strips

1 pound of baby spinach

1 jumbo yellow onion, peeled and sliced

Montreal steak seasoning

4 teaspoon vegetable oil

1 cup red wine vinegar

2-3 shallots peeled and smashed

(You can eat it with what ever you like baked potato, white rice, rice pilaf, etc leave that up to you)

1/4 lb butter unsalted

pinch of salt and pepper



Put a pan on the stove at medium heat with the vegetable oil in it, let it heat up for 2/3 minutes.

Season the steaks with Montreal seasoning.

As the pan is hot and oil a smoking a little bit carefully put in the steaks, letting it sizzle.

As the steaks are cooking, grab a plate with and line the plate with the baby spinach.

Carefully flip the steak (oil could back splash on to you and you’ll be missing skin, remember don’t wipe it off because it’ll just wipe your skin off your arm).

Add the shallots and sliced onions, stir around, then add the red wine and vinegar and let simmer.

Remove the steaks, if you like the steaks a little cooked but if you like it medium well or well done just leave it in the pan and let the steaks simmer with the sauce.

As the red wine mixture reduces (add the steaks back to make them hot again if you pulled it out earlier).

Add about 1/4 stick of the 1/4 lb butter to the reduction.

Remove steaks, slice steaks down on a bias and spread them on the spinach like a fan or how ever you want them.

Throw the roasted red pepper strips into the reduction just to heat them up, shut off the flame.

Use a pair of tongs or chop sticks or whatever it is that your using to pick out the vegetables onto the steak and spoon the sauce onto your steak.

Depending on how you plate it, it might look different from the pictures.

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