Flood in Fall River

Wednesday, September 5th I thought it was just your typical rainy day when driving to work not thinking anything about it at all. A co-worker noticed the lights flickered a few times while in the kitchen quickly, (I work in a restaurant if I’ve never mentioned it) so like I’m screwed, just because in our restaurant we have a safety switch where it controls all the gas. If the electricity went out, the gas automatically gets shut off, so even if the lights flickered it meant all the burners and ovens in the restaurant died and they would have to be shut off and relight. Shortly after relighting all the pilots to the equipment all the electricity went out and emergency lights went on.

(Below) Is a photo of the kitchen with emergency lights on

The restaurant staff was sitting out front in the dark having conversation and eating frosted flakes, lol, while we waited for the lights to come back on. Also, I forgot to mention the intense thundering and crazy down pours for like 30 minutes. I started to walk around outside as someone said they heard cars were flooding and parts of fall river were flooded.  I was like no way, totally forgetting we sit on a little raised plaza. I was able to snap a few pictures but the photos taken of the flooded cars were from other people who sent them to me via phone.

I felt like I was on a mountain or out in the forest, the way  the water was gushing down.

Emergency response teams responded as fast as possible I believe, as I saw fire trucks riding back and forth. The power was turned back on in 3 hours, so it wasn’t too bad I guess? IDK? We had lost a few cable boxes due to the power surges, beer line chiller not working correctly, and the roof in front of the restaurant near our front door had a crazy leak (due to gutters up top being clogged). All of our repairman and service came pretty fast so it wasn’t a big problem.

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