Riv-nut or Nutsert revisited



This is my follow up post to these remarkable pieces of hardware. The goal is to educate those in the DIY and car modification community of the superior fit and finish, nutserts give to your projects. Not to mention they standardize your hardware and a benefit is your repairs are now much faster to complete. For example, I mentioned in my first nutsert post you no longer are awkwardly trying to screw together a nut and bolt in a tight space like between the radiator support.


Now let me show you how I used nutserts for another repair.


You see that hole, it is one the of the mounting points where my side skirts have been held up for years. It has wiggled around and that has caused me to increase the screw size on some of the mount points. I have 10 holes all together, that hold both sides of the side skirts on. With 3 different screw sizes, it was getting confusing and it was time to get serious.


I need to take off the side skirts from time to time and keeping track of the hardware was frustrating.


I drilled out the cancer.


Don’t forget to touch up paint the exposed metal.


Rivet it in and your all set.


I am using M5 x .80 thread pitch bolts and matching aluminum nutserts. The benefit from using the nutsert are not just the convenience factor it is the added mechanical strength.


(showing the nutsert gun again and working at dealerships this is the least common one but the one I like using)


Now with the nutsert in place the side skirt are held by 6 threads per mounting point, increasing the strength drastically.


And to drive it home again you are going to want the mechanical advantage of six threads holding on to your project opposed to one thread through 18 gauge steel or fiberglass.

I want to see everyone step up their game!


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