Nutserts, threaded rivets!


What the heck is this dumb junk right, these are nutserts. When would I use them, when your like geez I would really like a threaded hole with out welding a nut into thin or heavy sheet metal. Why would I use them, if you would like to have a clean and long lastly solution to adding a threading hole to sheet metal and yes fiberglass. Let me show you how use them.


What else are you going to need..



You are going the need a nutsert tool, mine is the M 6×1 tool with M 6×1 nutserts. What does M 6×1 mean to you, it is the typical 10mm thread pitch on pretty much every car made today. So, that means you won’t have a mix match of hardware on your car. Does this sound too next level for you then I think you’re late for ricer meeting at the local hangout parking lot.


Look at how this works, it squishes the nutsert like a rivet but the parallel lines create a friction point not allowing the nutsert to spin when tightening your bolt into place. This is a great permanent solution for that conversion or custom job that you are working on.


What I am using them on, my Silvia S15 conversion, before I would just use a nut and bolt to mount the headlight. The problem with that was the space for my fingers to hold the nut in place was always a pain and frequently dropped the nut. Sure I was not removing the headlights everyday or even once a month but when I had to remove it, it was a pain.


The other spot I am adding a nutsert is a tapped twice and stripped out battery tie down hole, I will let you know how this holds up.


Just like a normal rivet gun you insert the rivet in to the gun but instead you thread it on. You start squeezing it and the nut starts squishing into place.


Once you are done you have a useable, long lastly thread hole that is as strong as any nut you have on the other side of a bolt.


You are done and enjoy.


Comment if you have any questions.



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