Employee Appreciation

Sometimes working for me isn’t easy as I run a high expectation leveled kitchen so, I try to make a point to try and  take care of the people who take care of me. My kitchen staff are a bunch of hard working guys that deal with the same crap any other kitchen staff would but they don’t return the negative energy that most restaurants have. Not only do I train them to be good cooks but also good people who always take the high road when it comes to arguments and similar situations.  I recognize that it does suck working in the kitchen in our high stress restaurant at times but I’m grateful that these guys have stuck with it and by me through countless employee and management changes.

To appreciate their hard work, I organized a lobster lunch were I would cook and serve the kitchen staff on my day off so that even the staff working could relax for a change and everyone could hang out for a few minutes as a team. The lobster was a pound and a half from a local fishery. I did get some hate from the waiting staff but it didn’t bother me because they aren’t the ones working in the kitchen in hot temperatures and at high expectation levels.

First off, I didn’t want to just say thanks and walk away that’s just impersonal and generic of your typical management. Secondly, I want them to remember that someone actually appreciates their hard work. I know that they will remember this as most other restaurants/companies are very impersonal about the way they treat people as numbers and figures. It’s good to show people there’s more to things then just numbers and figures even if they don’t recognize it. So my word of advice,  ‘Take care of the people who take care of you, try it you won’t be disappointed’.

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