240sx Fix up: Bumper Braces

Many people when they see my 240 say “That’s a nice car, you’re lucky”, lucky!? Most of the time I grin and say ‘thanks’ but what it all comes down to is a lot of hard work and up keep. These 240 fix up post will show that a car isn’t built only once and doesn’t need maintenance like what it seems all the forum posts lead you to believe. These bumper braces I built years ago that keep my bumper from bouncing around needed a refresh so with a better understanding of fabrication techniques and skills, I was able to rebuild these in a few hours.

What I ended up with:

240 fix up bumper brace-10

Read on to see how I did it.

Okay, New England is hell on a car but when I built these braces my welding skills were at its infancy so use your imagination.

240 fix up bumper brace-1

What I started with:

240 fix up bumper brace-2

With the cancer cut out, measure and cut up replacement pieces.

240 fix up bumper brace-3

Make sure you before you cut don’t guess or be lazy! Now my favorite part, welding, these pieces together.

240 fix up bumper brace-4 240 fix up bumper brace-5

The parts were also grinded to fit easier and it’s nicer than using them off the cut saw.

240 fix up bumper brace-6

These welding magnets always makes these jobs easier. Using the original measurement made it much faster to fab up the replacement parts. 240 fix up bumper brace-7

After checking fitment, I was good to go. Painting time, truck bed liner in a can looks  good and is durable making it a good choice because these brace are exposed to the elements.

240 fix up bumper brace-8 240 fix up bumper brace-10

Finished product.

240 fix up bumper brace-9



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