BlackRapid Metro strap: Review


This is my review of the BlackRapid Metro, after using it for about 2 weeks. The Metro is a well made, well thought out camera sling that is made for the mirrorless camera market but can be used for DSLR’s seeing that it uses the same hardware with less shoulder padding than its older brothers and sisters.


I highly recommend this for a person that regularly does not use straps and hates using them but needs one on occasion. I am that kind of person so I was looking for a cheap solution on amazon and found many dirt cheap sling that looked similar to all the BlackRapid RS-7, RS-4 and RS-Sport. After reading all the good and bad reviews about all the camera slings I had a headache, I knew I did not want anything that screamed “Watch out I’m PRO”, so both the cheap junk and most of the RS line was not a option.


So stumbling onto the Metro sling, there was not much info on it because it is relatively new and many other people had the same question I did. I can answer some right now and include some pictures of my Metro sling. Does it support a DSLR? Yes, it can and even wearing it for 3+ hour my shoulder is not soar. Do the Mods from BlackRapid work? Yes, I can confirm that the Bert and Joey pouches work though the Joey’s will be kinda big.

blackrapid-6 blackrapid-5

Also the fastener and connector do not really interfere in the use of a vertical grip.




The last couple of pictures were added to show the scale and maybe give you a idea if this is too small for you.

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