240sx: Spring fix up

Since the weather is getting nicer, I have been really thinking about fixing all of the patch work that I did to the headlight harness over the years. I never told anyone about how many patches and re-wires I did to the 240 and it does electrically work fine but that is not good enough for me, so I decided to change that. Those of you who own S14’s with headlight switch problems were driver side works but passenger side lows and highs come on intermittently know my pain. It is time to do something about it.

240 fix up-1

I took a part the headlight switch and cleaned up the contacts but it really was not all that corroded. If you want to see a post about that I can make one just mention it in the comments or something. With the front end mostly removed I just cut out all the re-wire junk and a set of relay to bypass the headlight switch, they will be reused for something else.

240 fix up-2

If you can not tell or do not know me, I have an S15 conversion.

240 fix up-3

Here is where I re-use the 2 relays, a thing that the s14 does that is annoying is the low and high beams are never on at the same time, not anymore. I’ll will post something about S15 headlights on a S14, so lows and high beams work together (I wrote down the color codes and everything).

Next, making sure everything works with factory headlight switch, I re-loomed (I guess that is what you call it) the finished harness to get that clean simple look (even though I froze my ass achieving it). If anyone is interested there were 2 wires that were rubbing against the core support and split. The red was the to the headlight harness and a orange the factory fog which I do not have.

240 fix up-4

240 fix up-5

I cut so much trash of the car, you don’t even know.

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