PAX East 2013: Part 2

Like I promised this is our cos-play and other stuff coverage, by other stuff I mean statues.

I really liked this chicks expression.

Pax East 2013-18

These guys had a really good idea.

Pax East 2013-36

Minh bought this sword, no joke every step we took someone commented about it and/or asked about it.

Pax East 2013-24

Pax East 2013-42 Pax East 2013-41

This zombie infected people with the bracelet.

Pax East 2013-11 Pax East 2013-38

This 8 foot tall Bumble Bee was stuck on top of the escalator it was a crazy victory when he finally made it.

Pax East 2013-27 Pax East 2013-31

The statues I was talking about, they were amazingly well made.

Pax East 2013-22 Pax East 2013-4 Pax East 2013-30 Pax East 2013-29 Pax East 2013-5 Pax East 2013-26

Pax East 2013-20 Pax East 2013-21

Pax East 2013-13 Pax East 2013-12

Back to the human cos-play.

Pax East 2013-28 Pax East 2013-23 Pax East 2013-32 Pax East 2013-37

The Ghost Busters needed the sword to bust some ghosts.

Pax East 2013-44

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  1. Rachel
    Posted April 17, 2013 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

    I was officer Jenny. I found this picture just browsing on google images. It’s interesting that you like my expression, I think I look insane!

    • AdamLeung
      Posted April 17, 2013 at 2:55 pm | Permalink

      Other people on deviantART loved your expression too! I have 2 others photos where you look regular but those didn’t look interesting enough.

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