PAX East 2013: Part 1

This is our part 1 for the coverage we did at PAX East, it going to cover the new hardware that was show and Minh and I being stupid. The cosplay and other stuff will be up on Friday. The way we are going to cover the hardware is by my impression of it as I experienced it, not copy and paste specs down.

pax tickets-1

First thing I want to say is I am going to give you all a tip, parking is a nightmare. If you are coming from southern Mass, I suggest as soon as you get out of the tunnel and the convention center is on your right go straight to the parking lot that has $15 parking and walk the 100ft to the front door. We waited in traffic for 40 mins to save $3 for convention center parking, not worth being pissed off.

On to the madness that was PAX.

Pax East 2013-17 Pax East 2013-16 Pax East 2013-15

It looks kinda like a zombie apocalypse, people pushing and grabing.

Asus booth

Pax East 2013-33Pax East 2013-35 Pax East 2013-34

This Asus laptop had dual screens which was so sick to play Street Fighter on your on screen. It was new bad ass Battleship.

Pax East 2013-10 Pax East 2013-8 

Above is the new transformer that outputs 3D through the hdmi port, it worked pretty good. The other all in one was an undockable Windows 8/Android tablet that when undocked switched to Android but if the wifi was strong enough it would still run Windows 8. On the side was a blue button switched the OS’s seamlessly when docked. It was our favorite piece of hardware that we saw at PAX.

Enermax Booth

Pax East 2013-9 Pax East 2013-7 Pax East 2013-6

CoolerMaster/ MSI / GAEMS

Pax East 2013-2 Pax East 2013-1

Pax East 2013-3

Mad Catz Booth

Pax East 2013-39

Mad Catz’s Girl gamer destroyed all the boys in Soul Calibur, when she had a winning streak of 12-0 without breaking a sweet we decided to leave before they pulled us on stage because no one would be left.

Pax East 2013-19 Pax East 2013-14 Pax East 2013-12 Pax East 2013-13

Pax East 2013-43 Pax East 2013-40

Minh bought that big ass sword and Laura Croft was about to shoot me, I don’t think that guy watching is going to help me.

I guess we did more playing than covering the event but whatever we only had one day, you know you would have done the same.



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