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PAX East 2013: Part 2

Like I promised this is our cos-play and other stuff coverage, by other stuff I mean statues. I really liked this chicks expression. These guys had a really good idea. Minh bought this sword, no joke every step we took someone commented about it and/or asked about it.

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PAX East 2013: Part 1

This is our part 1 for the coverage we did at PAX East, it going to cover the new hardware that was show and Minh and I being stupid. The cosplay and other stuff will be up on Friday. The way we are going to cover the hardware is by my impression of it as […]

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PAX East: preview

Our posts have been boring lately and I am not afraid to say it, but I know this will be the start to changing all of that. We are not going to cover all three days but this still will be really good. Hopefully my careful Asian planning will fit in everything I want to […]

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Don’t be This Guy

The car season is going to start soon, so I would like to make a PSA on stuff not to do when you are at a car show/meet. We all should know not to rev your engine like it is a lowest IQ horn or do burn outs to get the nickname ‘smoke’. The video […]

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