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Blizzard Nemo/2013

Hey everyone, better late than never or never late is better! I had to clean a lot of debris around the house and there’s still a lot because we were still getting strong gusts of winds. A lot of people lost power for 2-3 days and I was no exception we lost power from Friday […]

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DIY Rope Chainsaw

After the Blizzard Nemo hit New England, we were left with many broken tress and branches hanging everywhere so I needed a light and easy solution to clear away this unnecessary crap.  I came across rope chainsaws which like its name suggests is a chainsaw blade and some rope. Because it looks that simply there […]

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Blizzard of 13

Blizzard of 13 is what i’ll be calling the storm and not So far the general population waited last minute to go get supplies and gas from the what i can see at the grocery stores and gas stations. Gas prices hiked up a bit which is expected when a storm comes, easy marginal profits. Information from the news […]

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Northeast International Auto Show: 2013

We recently went to the Rhode Island Convention Center to the Northeast International Auto Show, it was a nice location but the show was smaller than I expected. All the cars were pretty much the current line up for the manufactures, meaning nothing we have not seen before. It was alright if you want to […]

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“Paperman” Full Animated Short Film

We are totally use to CG and hand drawn animation but this is the first time that they are seamlessly blended together in a way that looks natural. Anyway,  just wanted to share the video have a great weekend!

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