Monthly Archives: December 2012

What the!?

I thought I would share this picture I took with my phone. It is a 240sx with a Akina Speed Stars sticker, if you like Initial D then you find humor in this but if you hate or have never seen the show then this picture is lost to you. Please do not encourage this […]

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Bargain/Deal Hunter?!

This past year I been real bargain shopping or atleast shopping for good deals, so I figured I would blog some of my shopping tactics and share with folks on how I save money on big purchaes are time or finding coupon codes so when you buy shoes or clothes you get an extra 10 to 40% off sometimes. […]

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Doomed Man on Subway Tracks: Opinion

If you happen to take a look at the recent New York Post cover of the below photo is what you’ll see. It’s an attention grabbing image, showing a man who is moments away from being struck and killed by an oncoming subway train in New York City. It’s also a controversial image, not just […]

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