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Step by Step How To: Cucumber Wasabi Tuna

Step by step with pictures from my iphone 4s on how to make a cucumber wasabi tuna dish. If you like sushi or just tuna, you’ll have to try it. It’s awesome, from what i hear from customers all the time. List of things you need: 6-8 oz Yellow fin or Blue fin Tuna Steak Cajun […]

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Don’t Give a Eff

The main reason behind our blog is simply ‘don’t give a eff’ about what people think of you. It is easy to say but hard to follow through on a day to day routine. Do you what makes you happy and forgot what other people say or just don’t worried about it too much. Younger, […]

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Before and After:

Retouching Minh’s IS250 The final product: (above) The out of camera image: (above)

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Initial D Returns!

Initial D 5th stage: Episode 1 Review After 5 years of waiting Initial D has returned, go and check it out if you haven’t seen it because I will be talking about things that happened in this episode. Also, how the episodes will be airing is there will 2 episodes per month. At the end […]

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Asian Cucumber Scallops

1/2 Cucumber (depends how thick you like them 2 pounds of scallops 1 cup of Saratoga Asian sweet chili sauce sautee pan 4 teaspoon of vegtable oil tongs or chop sticks(lol) bare with me as the pics were taken with my iphone Asian Cucumber Scallops is the name i gave this dish, very self explanatory. […]

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Cool Junk on

Transformer USB Drive Something on Amazon that was in my suggestions that I actually thought was worth showing was this transforming usb Ravage. It’s so cool, it needs to be shared. Ravage is a Gen. 1 Transformers character that was a cassette tape that comes out of Soundwave. He does short ranged shouting and used […]

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Photography Blog Post

Photography Advice This is my list of ideals, developed over the past 2 years of shooting that has progressed my photography substantially. Two years is not a long period of time for developing a philosophy in an art and my photography is no where near where I would like it to be, it is a […]

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How to: Vinyl wrap

Vinyl Wrap a Lexus Key Fob It’s about 3 am and I can’t sleep so I figured I’d do a how to with vinyl. I’m sure I didn’t include enough steps but I’ll try to keep this as clear as possible. Also read the whole post first. Items needed: hair dryer a paper-mate pen x […]

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Fall Giveaway: Ended

Fall Giveaway: Ended Our fall giveaway has ended and the winners have been picked. We will be contacting the winners soon. Today’s blog post isn’t that great and I know that but whatever we got hit by hurricane Sandy a couple days ago.

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