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Narcoleptic Dad

Narcolepsy is a real condition. Minh got diagnosed with Narcolepsy earlier this year and it is a dangerous condition were you can fall into a deep sleep out of no where. It is current being treated with meds. but it is still kinda funny when he falls asleep in the middle of feeding his son.

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Dumbass videogame tattoo

Checkout this dumb-ass with the mortal combat blood code tattoo. I guess this guy won’t ever forget the ’90s Sega Genesis version of Mortal CombatĀ  blood code. You need to wonder what happens when he explains what it is and then everyone else says “right but wasn’t there blood in all the other Mortal Combats […]

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Buttonwood Bovine

I was riding my bike around Buttonwood Park and I saw this guy wicked close to the fence. I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of shots of this guy. This guy is also on I really like this photo!

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Steak Medallions

Steak Medallions with loaded mashed potatoes and a mushroom with Demi sauce. -Minh- I can’t tell you what Demi sauce is because I don’t but what it is

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Oreo stuffed in a chocolate chip cookie

I know it’s been around but here’s my version of an Oreo stuffed in a chocolate chip cookie.

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Wiring messes

Don’t you hate wiring messes? Well this is mine, mixed in there is nitrous controls, alarm and gauges. I spent some time fixing it today but stopped to go take some photos. It still looks like trash.

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Strawberry salad

I haven’t got this website stuff down yet so I’m posting this place of my boy Minh until I get him a admin ID. I can’t remember what’s in it but it’s some good shit served with raspberry vinaigrette.

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Welcome to the blog

For the 3 people that know about the blog so far, this is the first post. What’s good.

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