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Want to know about gambling? Read this: Part 2

In the last post I left off telling the story of how my gambling problem started. Click to read Part 1 New Years (Jan 2009) rolls around and I tell myself no gambling, plus I moved in with my wife(girlfriend then) at her moms because that was the plan so that we would be closer […]

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Want to know about gambling? Please Read

Every now and then you hear about someone you know having an addiction to something and it’s always the same damn thing that sucks or that’s his fault. Well, I wanted to share my own battle of gambling addiction that almost spiraled out of control, almost!? Well, it did for a little bit. Sometimes people […]

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Narcoleptic Dad

Narcolepsy is a real condition. Minh got diagnosed with Narcolepsy earlier this year and it is a dangerous condition were you can fall into a deep sleep out of no where. It is current being treated with meds. but it is still kinda funny when he falls asleep in the middle of feeding his son.

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Dumbass videogame tattoo

Checkout this dumb-ass with the mortal combat blood code tattoo. I guess this guy won’t ever forget the ’90s Sega Genesis version of Mortal CombatĀ  blood code. You need to wonder what happens when he explains what it is and then everyone else says “right but wasn’t there blood in all the other Mortal Combats […]

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