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BlackRapid Metro strap: Review

This is my review of the BlackRapid Metro, after using it for about 2 weeks. The Metro is a well made, well thought out camera sling that is made for the mirrorless camera market but can be used for DSLR’s seeing that it uses the same hardware with less shoulder padding than its older brothers […]

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Photography Blog Post

Photography Advice This is my list of ideals, developed over the past 2 years of shooting that has progressed my photography substantially. Two years is not a long period of time for developing a philosophy in an art and my photography is no where near where I would like it to be, it is a […]

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Photography Gear: Newer TT560 flash

The Newer TT560 Speedlite is a flash for your Nikon or Canon camera equipped with a hot-shoe. I bought this flash to use as an off camera flash with a radio trigger or use its on-board optical flash. This flash is very basic but that’s what I like about it, it has everything you need […]

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Photo Gear: Secret Spy Lens

This fine piece of stalker gear is suppose to let you look inconspicuous while walking around the streets or where ever you snap photos. When I first saw it on, I thought it was brilliant and had to get it. There is a mirror built on a angle in the metal tube that allows […]

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Buttonwood Bovine

I was riding my bike around Buttonwood Park and I saw this guy wicked close to the fence. I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of shots of this guy. This guy is also on I really like this photo!

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