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Riv-nut or Nutsert revisited

This is my follow up post to these remarkable pieces of hardware. The goal is to educate those in the DIY and car modification community of the superior fit and finish, nutserts give to your projects. Not to mention they standardize your hardware and a benefit is your repairs are now much faster to complete. […]

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Nutserts, threaded rivets!

What the heck is this dumb junk right, these are nutserts. When would I use them, when your like geez I would really like a threaded hole with out welding a nut into thin or heavy sheet metal. Why would I use them, if you would like to have a clean and long lastly solution […]

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Canh’s S2k

This is Canh’s AP1 S2000 with AP2 front and a few other mods, I just wanted to post a photo from the quick photo session I took last weekend. I feel it came out pretty cool.

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240sx: Spring fix up

Since the weather is getting nicer, I have been really thinking about fixing all of the patch work that I did to the headlight harness over the years. I never told anyone about how many patches and re-wires I did to the 240 and it does electrically work fine but that is not good enough […]

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Don’t be This Guy

The car season is going to start soon, so I would like to make a PSA on stuff not to do when you are at a car show/meet. We all should know not to rev your engine like it is a lowest IQ horn or do burn outs to get the nickname ‘smoke’. The video […]

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Ipad Mini Dash Kit for Lexus IS250: Preview

Here is a rendering I made of an Ipad mini installed into an IS250.This is the preview to kind a convince Mihn to let me do this to his car but also let people know what some of our plans are for 2013. The picture above is going to differ from the final product because […]

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What the!?

I thought I would share this picture I took with my phone. It is a 240sx with a Akina Speed Stars sticker, if you like Initial D then you find humor in this but if you hate or have never seen the show then this picture is lost to you. Please do not encourage this […]

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Before and After:

Retouching Minh’s IS250 The final product: (above) The out of camera image: (above)

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Initial D Returns!

Initial D 5th stage: Episode 1 Review After 5 years of waiting Initial D has returned, go and check it out if you haven’t seen it because I will be talking about things that happened in this episode. Also, how the episodes will be airing is there will 2 episodes per month. At the end […]

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How to: Vinyl wrap

Vinyl Wrap a Lexus Key Fob It’s about 3 am and I can’t sleep so I figured I’d do a how to with vinyl. I’m sure I didn’t include enough steps but I’ll try to keep this as clear as possible. Also read the whole post first. Items needed: hair dryer a paper-mate pen x […]

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