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Good Eats: Asian Salmon

What is Asian Salmon? Well it’s this impressive looking dish pictured above. Do you want to know how it’s made? Of course you do.

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Food rumor: Steak Caprese

Made by site co-founder Minh Tieu, this is an exclusive look at what he is about to add to Barret’s menu. When I last visited him at work that dude had a dish for me to try out and this was it, I didn’t know what to think at the time but it looked impressive.

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Steak Medallions

Steak Medallions with loaded mashed potatoes and a mushroom with Demi sauce. -Minh- I can’t tell you what Demi sauce is because I don’t but what it is

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Oreo stuffed in a chocolate chip cookie

I know it’s been around but here’s my version of an Oreo stuffed in a chocolate chip cookie.

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Strawberry salad

I haven’t got this website stuff down yet so I’m posting this place of my boy Minh until I get him a admin ID. I can’t remember what’s in it but it’s some good shit served with raspberry vinaigrette.

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