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Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party

The Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party is an event where they bring in seven championship BBQ masters and a whole bunch of sand to Boston’s city hall and chow down on some great BBQ. In the over 21 section of the event they made a large sand pit, that would have been better if the […]

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Meeting: Chef Robert Irvine

Some of you guys might know him from his Food Network shows, Mission Impossible, Restaurant Impossible, etc Chef Robert Irvine! I had the chance to meet him and hang out with him a little bit, courtesy of Sysco Boston. He had flown in to talk to some executives and Sysco invited a couple of restaurant […]

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Ghost Pepper Chicken Challenge

  (Update 11/22/13: We no longer are affiliated with Barrett’s but leaving this post up.) Barrett’s Alehouse will be having their very own ghost pepper chicken challenge. The sauce is made from fresh ghost peppers tossed with 10 fried chicken tenders. Try the challenge on any day and at any time during normal kitchen hours. […]

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Step by Step How To: Cucumber Wasabi Tuna

Step by step with pictures from my iphone 4s on how to make a cucumber wasabi tuna dish. If you like sushi or just tuna, you’ll have to try it. It’s awesome, from what i hear from customers all the time. List of things you need: 6-8 oz Yellow fin or Blue fin Tuna Steak Cajun […]

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Asian Cucumber Scallops

1/2 Cucumber (depends how thick you like them 2 pounds of scallops 1 cup of Saratoga Asian sweet chili sauce sautee pan 4 teaspoon of vegtable oil tongs or chop sticks(lol) bare with me as the pics were taken with my iphone Asian Cucumber Scallops is the name i gave this dish, very self explanatory. […]

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How To: Asian Chicken Stir Fry

Asian Chicken Stir Fry Asian Chicken Stir Fry is the name of this wonderful dish that turned into mega hit at our restaurant. We used our house rice pilaf in the picture but regular white rice is just as good if not better. Things needed: 2 people 2 pasta bowls 2 silver ware sets 2 […]

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Food Friday: Fried Twinky

Fried Twinky I know it sounds weird right, but it works and it’s good. This is one of Minh’s newest desserts and it’s another home-run, trust me.  I don’t know how good of a cook you are but you might be able to make this at home or go to Barret’s and try it for […]

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Food Friday: Mystic Pizza

Recently, when I was up in Connecticut, we decided to go to Mystic Pizza, you know that movie with Julia Roberts!  Actually, I never really even seen the movie, even though it’s always on tv. I never really paid it any mind and didn’t even bother to wikipedia it before we even went.  It’s an […]

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How To: Red Wine Reduction Steak

Hey guys, this is my first attempt at a “how to” do a red wine reduction with a grilled steak, so bare with me as I try to recall my steps and the ingredients. I honestly the way I cook and come up with dishes is so I can rarely forget what actually went into […]

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Sicilian Calamari

I decided that we would plate one our good appetizers on a new plate other than our traditional appetizer plate and it came out looking very elegant. It’s breaded calamari, deep-fried golden, tossed in a spicy garlic white wine marinara sauce topped with Parmesan cheese. It’s very tasty, give it a try sometime at Barret’s Ale House, Fall River MA.

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