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Don’t Give a Eff

The main reason behind our blog is simply ‘don’t give a eff’ about what people think of you. It is easy to say but hard to follow through on a day to day routine. Do you what makes you happy and forgot what other people say or just don’t worried about it too much. Younger, […]

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Cool Junk on

Transformer USB Drive Something on Amazon that was in my suggestions that I actually thought was worth showing was this transforming usb Ravage. It’s so cool, it needs to be shared. Ravage is a Gen. 1 Transformers character that was a cassette tape that comes out of Soundwave. He does short ranged shouting and used […]

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Fall Giveaway: Ended

Fall Giveaway: Ended Our fall giveaway has ended and the winners have been picked. We will be contacting the winners soon. Today’s blog post isn’t that great and I know that but whatever we got hit by hurricane Sandy a couple days ago.

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Fall Giveaway

This is the first of hopefully many giveaways that we will be holding, our fall giveaway includes two prize giveaways. The rules are simple so it is easy to win! First Prize: Bud-light Patriots Prize Pack In this bundle we include a beer bucket, Large t-shirt, 2 really nice beer glasses and a plastic necklace. […]

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Being Narcoleptic

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I want to share my true life experiences with you out there who are searching for information about narcolepsy or if you believe that you may have narcolepsy. Get yourself tested as soon as possible if you think you might have it, although in most cases it is hard to detect […]

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We have had a major increase in site traffic due to the recent coverage of Cars and Copters, Import Evolution and the Dynotech Meet, it is a given that Minh and I have a passion for cars and we thank all of you that check the site daily. With that being said the car coverage […]

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Flood in Fall River

Wednesday, September 5th I thought it was just your typical rainy day when driving to work not thinking anything about it at all. A co-worker noticed the lights flickered a few times while in the kitchen quickly, (I work in a restaurant if I’ve never mentioned it) so like I’m screwed, just because in our […]

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My One Year Anniversary

My wife and I were married in August of 2011 and celebrated it this year by going to Bar Louie at the Patriot place in Foxboro, MA. We went with some friends and part of our wedding party, not all the wedding party due to school, work, kids, and it was a Monday night, I […]

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